Dear Spammers…

Dear Spammers, I appreciate that you find my writing... ummm... inspiring. While I understand that we all have our own fetishes, a simple click of the like button would have been sufficient. FYI, sharing what you do with chickens and monkies with white nationalists might not be a good idea. Thank you. (I probably should... Continue Reading →

We need you! – Our America Initiative

While the third parties are going about it all wrong (they should be concentrating on local races and building a movement), the fact that the system is rigged against them is morally wrong. There are few reasons why ballot access should be as restrictive as they are. Laws that limit ballot access are there for... Continue Reading →

The Bird – 7/31/2017

Ah, yes. The last bird of the July. This week was a toughy. Of course, there was plenty of reasons to give it to Mr. Trump but alas, he is excluded from consideration. John McCain took the early lead with his vote that would allow the Republicans to take healthcare from millions of Americans while... Continue Reading →

I probably should stop holding the toddle when I am not wearing a shirt. She brings out the alabaster in my skin. Maybe I should just avoid mirrors instead?

Oubliette: Scare at Wellington Farm – Part 5

Pete investigated the paranormal for years. In all that time, he was never afraid even when he would foolishly investigate alone. Until tonight, the worse to happen was a skinned knee when he tripped over a rock in the middle of a dark wood. What he saw in the basement of that abandoned farmhouse was different. Those eyes did not belong to something of this world. At first, he thought the Sulphur smell was from a fuse blowing but he was no longer sure. All he knew was that he was in the presence of something evil and possibly demonic.

Little Jonnie: Birthday Party

It was a special day for Little Jonnie. It was his birthday. He woke in the morning and combed his golden locks of hair and brushed his teeth. The day was long for him because he was so excited. There was going to be a party later. Everybody was going to be there. It was... Continue Reading →

Oubliette: Scare at Wellington Farm – Part 4

Grace instructed the group on the details of the séance and Griswold wondered why everyone was needed but he decided to not question, He watched as Pete went around the room placing candles and incense and Grace drew a large pentagram on the floor. She referenced a notebook that she held and used red colored chalk. At each point of the star, she copied a set of stylized runes that Griswold thought as cursive Viking runes. Before finishing, Pete placed candles where each line crossed inside the circle and his SpiritMic in the center. Griswold took one last look at the video feed before turning off the monitor. When Grace and Pete finished, Linda stood before the group and led a prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel. After the prayer, Linda gave the floor to Grace.

Oubliette: Scare at Wellington Farm – Part 3

Griswold saw Chris hold up a familiar green bottle of Huntsman as he descended the stairs into the basement of the abandoned farmhouse. He noticed someone brought the folding table and his gear was sitting on it. After setting up the remote cameras throughout the house, he was ready for a drink. He walked over to Chris for the bottle. “Hey Griz! The spirits are here.” Griswold took the bottle and had a drink, “Thanks. I needed that.”

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