Chaffetz-proposes-2500-housing-stipend-for-members-of-Congress –

I would have to say that serving in Congress is a choice that the politicians make. Why should the taxpayer pay them more if they are incapable of properly managing their money? You know… personal responsibility.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz thinks members of Congress should receive a housing stipend, saying in an interview that Washington “is one of the most expensive places in the world” as he pointed to “dozens” of members who live out of their offices.

Source: Chaffetz-proposes-2500-housing-stipend-for-members-of-Congress –

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  1. i would suggest Mr Chaffetz stick his ideas where the sun don’t shine. Congress receives more than enough money to have several homes. As a native of the WASH DC area, yes i can confirm it is expensive. BUT, if people on minimum wage can make a purchase so can this entitled asshat! He just can’t buy a fricking 16 bedroom mansion!

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