Czar Trump continues his war on the free press

For the last couple weeks, news agencies have been banned from using video cameras and even audio recorders during the daily press briefings. This action has led CNN to send it criminal sketch artist to them which is somewhat humorous considering the corruption within this Republican administration.

Additionally, Mr. Trump has used a story that CNN withdrew as an opportunity to attack all media agencies (except for the ones that report the news that he approved). He has spent most of last week trashing everybody that has the audacity of reporting news that was not state approved.

So, what is the purpose behind these attacks on the free press. This Republican administration is trying to force news agencies to report news that only they deem to be allowed. By banning video cameras, the Republican administration is eliminating transparency that way if they get caught in a lie, they can accuse the media of making things up and there would be no proof otherwise. Additionally, it makes it easier for them to feed information to favored news agencies.

These are tactics of a man who desires to become a dictator just like his role model, Vladimir Putin.

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