Let’s talk about that CNN video

Last week, our Dear Leader tweeted a video showing him beating up somebody with the head of his victim being replaced by the CNN logo. Of course, this was red meat to the low information supporters of this Republican administration because CNN is the enemy (Mr. Trump has said so) as they refuse to report only government approved news. Additionally, the video was successful in distracting the media from reporting the truth of what is happening in Washington DC.

The truth is that behind the tweeting of the video was the theme of the Republican administration of attempting to coerce the media into only reporting what puts them in a positive light. One can easily make a case that it was to incite violence against the so-called liberal media.

CNN has allegedly identified the person who created the video. Contrary to what the low information right wants to believe, it was not a 15-year-old. The user in question had a history of posting racial slurs, anti-semitic remarks, and xenophobic content. After he issued an apology and CNN said that they will not release the user’s identification, people have started to accusing CNN of coercion.

I will have to say, the optics are bad for CNN here because it does look like they are doing as accused. To be completely honest, it leaves me with a bad taste. Given the types of content Mr. HanAssholeSolo puts on the Internet, I think it would be safe there is no good guy in this debate.

I would like to ask this about the claims CNN is violating the rights of HAS. How is this any different from all of the other ways that corporations violate our rights?

A corporation can track our lives through various technological means. Corporations can tell us how we may enjoy their content. Corporations can forbid us from using the courts as a means of redress of grievances. Corporations even control the politicians for whom we are allowed to vote (see Center for Presidential Debates).

We are constantly having our rights infringed upon by corporations because that is what happens when you are ruled by a corporatist government. To point out this infringement of one person’s rights is not seeing the forest for the trees.

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