Mr. Trump wants our voting info

The Republican administration has sent requests to states wanting them to give them various bits of personal information about their voter rolls which includes the last four digits of one’s social security number, birth dates, party affiliation, and even voting history. If some reports are true, maybe the Republican administration should ask the Russians for it.

There is no reason for the federal government to have it.

This raises the question (excuse my French) “pourquoi la baise” does this Republican administration needs all of this information? This information would be invaluable in the hands of hackers (Russian or otherwise) and political campaign strategists. With this information, Mr. Trump would have a decided advantage in his reelection campaign and the reelection campaigns of Congressional Republicans even more so if he does not give access to the Democrats.

Worse still, it could be used to make recommendations that would allow the Republicans to further suppress voting rights of those people who vote for the “wrong people.” Normally, I would give the benefit of the doubt but this Republican administration has proven time and again that it is not to be trusted.

While it appears that most of the states are not stupid enough to blindly give it to our wannabe dictator, that is no reason to think that it will not change. We need to contact our state government and let them know that under no circumstance that they are to freely give this information.

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