Return of the Bird: 7/8/2017

Back in the previous incarnation of the blog, I had a semi-regular feature for politicians, talking heads, and corporations that did or say something that was offensive or authoritarian. I called it the bird and when I identified such an action or statement, I would give it to him/her/it.

I would like to start doing that again and hopefully as a weekly feature (with this Republican administration, it might be feasible). If I remember correctly, I excluded the president from consideration. I forget the reason what I did that but I am going to continue it for practical reasons. 🙂

Without further ado, this week the recipient is CNN.

CNN this week has earned The Bird this week on their handling of the identity of the person who created the video where Mr. Trump assaulted a person that was changed to the CNN logo. Even though the creator was not 15 years old and the creator is not really a person worth defending, the ordeal has the appearance of CNN coercing this person. CNN may or may not be coercing this person but the optics are so bad that they cannot be excused.

CNN, I give you The Bird.

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