Keeping it going…

I had my appointment with the weight loss doctor today. Three down from two weeks ago. To me it was disappointing because I did a pretty good job sticking to the program (with the exception of July 4th and the day after). The doctor said I probably lost about 4-5 pounds of fat and she was excited. I do have to wonder. If I keep losing fat but water weight keeps me the same, do I eventually turn into a water balloon?

A few weeks ago, the teenager attended a week long camp about healthy eating and exercise. She came back lighter and I noticed a change in her attitude towards food. I did not realize that this was an ongoing program and she is still participating.

This past weekend the part of the program for the whole family. On Friday night, we arrived at this campground owned by Indiana University. We and a few other families stayed in what they called the Manor House. It was an old house with character and we had a couple rooms.

There were a number of activities most of them were just sitting around talking to counselors. For a health program, there was (IMHO) not enough activity and non-starchy vegetables.

Part of the program was outdoors with the local mosquitoes. These little monsters were vicious little bloodsuckers. If there was a spot of skin that did not have repellant on it, it became prime real estate. With as much blood as those vampires took, I am surprised I did not lose more weight.

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