Oubliette: “Farm” part 6

Note: This is part of an experimental creative writing exercise. If you want to read more or start from beginning, you can go to the Oubliette page. Please note the earlier stories are crude. 🙂

I did not have any intention of continuing the “Farm” episode but I learned what the term “flash fiction” really meant and I just had to try it out. Let me know if I am close to my target or if I am still clueless because this just seems like a small short story.

It was a difficult day for Pete. He was used to wearing black because, as a son of a mortician, it was part of the job. Today was different because he was saying goodbye to Griswold, a childhood friend, whose death was shrouded in mystery. He and the other members of the Spooksters met at the Fiddle Griddle family restaurant to talk after the service.

The rest of the team had already left shortly after Grease, Griswold roommate, joined them. They had to get home but Pete knew Grease said something that upset Grace. While he understood Grace’s situation, being the one who found Griswold, something was not quite right.

Therefore, he chose to sit and listen to Grease’s side of the story.  Grease told him what Griswold did on the day after that incident at the farmhouse. Despite the restaurant being full of noisy diners, nobody seemed to be paying attention save for the elderly couple in a yellowed black and white photograph staring at them from across the room.

Pete agreed to tell Grease what happened: the séance and the eyes in the darkness. Grease picked up where his story ended. As Grease spoke, he slowly sipped at his cup of coffee. He sat the mug down on the white wood table next to the brownie that he ordered earlier. Pete looked at the brownie as it sat there untouched. It reminded him that he had a question.

“When you say ‘special recipe brownies,’ does that use a secret ingredient?”

Grease guiltily nodded.

“How much did he eat again?”

“I don’t know but it was most of the batch. That was strange, the couple years I knew him, he never touched that stuff.”

Grease continued as Pete pondered this, “Those eyes you talked about. I think I saw them too.”

This had Pete intrigued. He did notice that Grease listened intently when he described what he saw in the basement.

“Are you not sure?”

Grease rolled his eyes, “Dude, you saw how clearly I was thinking; I was stoned from the brownies I ate. Do unicorns visit you and crap in your living room?”

Pete realized that he forgot about his encounter with him that night, “Good point. If you saw it, then it followed him.”

Grease interrupted him, “Could that mean it killed him?”

Pete continued thinking as he said, “It seems that it could be but there isn’t any proof.”

Pete noticed Grease was staring at him and either Grease had a moment of realization or he had a flashback. “I bet he was trying to get rid of it, dude. I checked his browser history and he was looking at some freaky pages, some of them were about exorcisms.”

Pete felt some relief as this news answered many questions but the comfort in his mind did not last long.

“Then how did he end up at Grace’s house?”

Grease looked at Pete and whispered, “Maybe she’s working with the men in black.”

Instinctively, the palm of Pete’s hand covered his face as he muttered, “Do you seriously believe that?”

Grease chuckled, “Honestly dude, I was serious earlier but I’m having doubts about that now… I’m not sure about Grace; I think she’s hiding something… but I still don’t know who those officers were.”

“I know…” a thought interrupted Pete before he could finish, “how did you find that information on them?”

Grease stared at him in a way that Pete never saw from him before now, “I can’t tell you that, dude. I have a lot of trust in this source. Let’s just leave that as an unknown for now.”

Pete responded, “Fair enough. Would your source be able to dig deeper?”

Grease shook his head as he answered, “No, whomever they are, they covered their tracks pretty good.”

Pete noticed the time on his cellphone and he placed it in his pocket, “Hey man, it has been very informative but I need to be heading out.”

As Pete rose from the chair, Grease followed and shook his hand. Grease finished his cup of coffee, slammed it on the table, and turned towards the door. Pete glanced at the unmolested brownie and called to him.

“Aren’t you going to take your brownie?”

Grease turned and looked at it and them him, “No, you can have it. With the things going on, it is best I stop eating them.”


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