Amazon, Google in last ditch protest to support Net Neutrality

For a high level, this fight is about whether or not the company that provides your connection to the Internet should be allowed to give preference to certain sites based on whether or not they have a partnership agreement.

To understand the repercussions of eliminating these regulations, consider the fact that the company that owns liberal leaning MSNBC is also the owner of Comcast, a major national ISP. If these regulations were gone, Comcast can give priority to MSNBC and its partners over conservative sites. It can even go as far as to block its users from even seeing conservative sites.

On a historical note, all that these regulations do is to preserve the status quo that existed since the earliest days of the Internet. The reasons that they became necessary was that ISP corporations were attempted to extort an extra fee from Amazon, Google, etc.

The country’s largest tech companies on Wednesday will try to mobilize users in an online protest to fight the reversal of Obama-era rules that govern Internet access. And they’ll do it with GIFs.

The “Net Neutrality Day of Action” refers to the concept that all Internet traffic should be treated equally. Internet Service Providers, such as AT&T, Verizon and Comcast, should not be able to block, speed or slow down legal websites — or give preferential treatment to others, including their own.

Source: Amazon, Google in last ditch protest to support Net Neutrality

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