Little Jonnie: Birthday Party

It was a special day for Little Jonnie. It was his birthday. He woke in the morning and combed his golden locks of hair and brushed his teeth. The day was long for him because he was so excited. There was going to be a party later. Everybody was going to be there. It was going to be the best birthday party ever.

The time for everybody to arrive came. He sat in his room and played with his toys. He thought about being one year older. He heard people enter the house. They talked in the living room downstairs. He knew that he needed to go down. It was his day. He will make them come for him.

Mother entered the room. She smiled at him.

“Jonnie, it is time to go down and meet your guests.”

Mother did not need to say more. Jonnie rushed down the stairs. The room was full of people. Many of them he knew. There was Brother, Sister, Grams, and some friends. There were some guests he did not see often. Even Mic, the fat German Shepherd, sat by the fireplace. He wagged his tail. All of them were to see him. It was his birthday.

He walked to the dining room table. He stood on his toes to see everything. There were lots of presents. They were wrapped in the best paper. There were superheroes and big trucks.  Jonnie liked big trucks. They helped build the best buildings.

There were cupcakes. They had green icing. They were made to look like the ground. A bulldozer sat on top. Jonnie was not happy. He wanted a cake that looked like a bulldozer. He could play with the toy later.

Grams stood next to him. She picked him up and put him on a chair.

She said to Jonnie, “You can’t be a big boy unless we sing you Happy Birthday.”

Everybody sang Happy Birthday. Grams told him he can open presents. Jonnie tore into the present. Everybody watched as he opened them. There were toy trucks and another bulldozer. There were coloring books. There were clothes but he pushed those to the floor.

The last present was from Oleg. He was not able to come. In the bag, Jonnie found a toy gun and a sheriff’s badge. He put the gun in his pocket like it was a holster. Then he pinned the badge on his shirt.

Jonnie said, “I am the new sheriff in town.”

After cupcakes and ice cream, his guests left. Jonnie and his family sat in the living room. Mother messed with his hair.

“Did you have a good day?”

“I did. It was the best birthday ever.”

“That is good.”

“It was better and bigger than Barry’s.”

Sister laughed at him. She said, “No silly, Barry’s was bigger.”

Jonnie shouted at her, “You are lying. Mine was bigger.”

He looked at Brother. Brother would know.

Brother said, “She’s right. He had more friends over, Aiden, David, Gary, Jane, Louise…”

Jonnie stomped his foot. He left the room. He yelled, “You’re being unfair, mine was the biggest!”

He went into his room. He slammed the door. He sat in the middle of the room. He took his blocks from the toy box. He made a tower. Jonnie loved making towers with his blocks. He made the best towers.

He went to the window. He saw Oleg on his bike in the street. Jonnie opened the window.

“Hi, Oleg!”

Oleg stopped and shouted, “Happy Birthday!”

“Thank you for the gift”

“Did you like it?”

“Yes, it was the best.”

Oleg rode his bike down the street. Jonnie watched.

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