Oubliette: Scare at Wellington Farm – Part 4

Note: This story is a part of a larger series of short stories and flash fiction. You can find these stories on the Oubliette home page.

Grace instructed the group on the details of the séance and Griswold wondered why everyone was needed but he decided to not question, He watched as Pete went around the room placing candles and incense and Grace drew a large pentagram on the floor. She referenced a notebook that she held and used red colored chalk. At each point of the star, she copied a set of stylized runes that Griswold thought as cursive Viking runes. Before finishing, Pete placed candles where each line crossed inside the circle and his SpiritMic in the center.

Griswold took one last look at the video feed before turning off the monitor. When Grace and Pete finished, Linda stood before the group and led a prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel. After the prayer, Linda gave the floor to Grace.

“Everybody take a point and join hands.”

Pete turned off the lights. The room became dark and the only lights to be seen were the ones on the SpiritMic. Everybody took a position on the pentagram and joined hands. Once ready, Grace began with a chant in a language that Griswold did not recognize. He thought it sounded like Latin. As she finished the chant, he felt a strange vibrating sensation in his hands.

Grace spoke in a calm and authoritative voice, “We wish to speak with the spirit of the child residing in this home. Come to us and speak through the box in the center of our circle. Are you here with us, spirit?”

The only sound that Griswold heard was the wind outside the abandoned farmhouse. The electronic box was supposed to flash red when it detected a spirit nearby. It remained green.

Grace addressed the spirit again, “We saw and heard you earlier. We would like to speak to you. Can you come to use and speak?”

The only answer that Griswold heard was a whistling from the wind as it found a crack in the other room. Just as Grace was about to speak again, the light on the box flashed red and an electronic voice filled the room.

“… Yes… Here…”

Everybody became excited as they got a response. Griswold noticed Grace and Pete grinning at each other from across the circle and Chris had a look of shock on his face. Grace continued.

“Spirit, are you the child that inhabits this house?”

“… Yes…”

“Spirit, can you tell me your name?”

“… Yes… Flower…”

“Spirit, were you named after a flower?”

“… Yes…”

“Spirit, do you remember us from when we were here before?”

“… Yes…”

“Spirit, were you trying to talk with us?”

“… Yes… Warn…”

“Spirit… were you trying to warn us?”

“… Yes… Danger…”

“Spirit, is there danger? What is the danger?”

“… Yes… Man… Bad…”

“Spirit, who is this man?”

“… No… Quiet…”

“Spirit… do you don’t want to talk about this?”

“… No… Close…”

“Spirit… I don’t… understand. Can you try again?”

The light on the box stopped flashing red and was silent.

“Spirit, are you still there?”

There was no answer and Griswold noticed that the wind was quiet. He watched Grace shrug and chanted again. After chanting, she said, “You can release now.”

As everybody broke the circle and talked excitedly, Chris exclaimed, “It just got real! In 1927, a kid named Rose died here. That’s your flower.”

Pete walked into the circle but before he could pick it up. It flashed red again.

“… Danger… Run…”

There was a loud pop in the other room, the lights went off, and the smell of Sulphur filled the room. As Griswold’s eyes adjusted to the dark, he saw something that took him by surprise. In the other room, there was a pair of red eyes that looked like a pair of burning coals. Whatever it was, it was staring at him. Instinctively, he gasped and froze.

Before he could react, someone bumped into him and he fell to the ground. He heard the heavy footsteps of his friends stampeding up the stairs. As fast as his corpulent body could move, he tried to stand. He reached for the handrail and found it.

As he pulled himself up, he heard scraping like claws moving across the concrete floor towards him. He started to climb the stairs but the door shut. He turned and saw nothing behind him but the hair on the back of his neck stood as he felt something grab of holding him.

“… Pray…”

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