Why does a funeral home have a booth at a health fair?

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  1. It’s odd however a funeral home at a health fair is common because there are people who arrange their burial before hand to make things easier on their family at the time of their passing. The funeral business is big money. Funeral expenses are astronomical. In fact, it sucks to die. The cost can run at a minimum of $10,000. Funeral homes show up at health fairs and target the elderly or even those with terminal illnesses. For some this may seem morbid but as a person who was involved in coordinating many health fairs it’s a very appropriate place for funeral homes to participate. My grandparents pre-paid for their entire burial expense years before they passed. Crazy however it certainly made things easier both financially and emotionally for my mom and her brothers and sisters

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time for your informative comment. Funerals are no fun and it is a wonderful gesture for making things easier for those you leave behind.

      Once I got deeper into the event, I was thinking that health fair was a misnomer. There was booths for beekeeping, wood carving, toy making for charity along with booths that you would expect to be at a health fair. Coincidentally, the funeral home was the last booth at the event (I’m easily amused. 🙂 ).

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