Dear Spammers…

Dear Spammers,

I appreciate that you find my writing… ummm… inspiring. While I understand that we all have our own fetishes, a simple click of the like button would have been sufficient. FYI, sharing what you do with chickens and monkies with white nationalists might not be a good idea. Thank you.

(I probably should not have looked at my spam comments.)

Update: As requested, he is the text of one of the spam comments (I changed a few things about it just in case part of their plan was to get it published to a post, yes it is a bit paranoid but just because you’re paranoid does not mean they are not out to get you).

Would it be OK if I published this article to the Daily Stormer? It’s a website about having sex with animals, listening to Necro/Pedo/Sado/Maso mixtapes and providing instructions on how to commit terrorism. I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. There is no fee; we are simply trying to add more pedophile content for our community and I enjoyed masturbating to your work.


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