Justine Ruszczyk slapped Minneapolis police car before she was shot, report says – CNN.com

One thing that is becoming apparent with all of these high-profile shootings is that there are too many poorly trained officers on police forces around the country. This would not be as much of a problem if law enforcement officers could be held accountable for their actions.

As we saw with Philando Castille, it is near impossible to get a conviction on a police officer. In that case, it was obvious that the officer peed himself when Castille told him that he had a gun which resulted in Castille’s death. Even the video did not help the officer’s case. However, he still walks a free man and got a payout for his troubles. It is very telling that the NRA who supposed to defend our 2A rights supported (through their silence) the officer.

Additionally, police officers and the Police unions make sure that they are not held accountable for their actions. They will defend a fellow officer even if it was clear that the officer did wrong. One example is what happened in the case of officer David Bisard in Indianapolis. The investigating officers took Bisard to a lab that was not certified to do a blood draw. Not only that, the officers at IMPD did not properly store the blood evidence. I can see once as a mistake but twice is really suspicious. Frankly, if it was not for Bisard getting arrested for a DUI during his trial, he probably would have walked as well.

This is how life in a police state works. The police act like they are above the law and the politicians do not care to reign in their abuses.

Of course, in this case, Officer Noor will probably see some sort of accountability simply because he has a funny sounding name and he shot a white woman.

In an interview with investigators last week, one of the two Minneapolis police officers involved in the fatal shooting of Justine Ruszczyk said he was startled by a “loud sound” near the squad car.

Immediately after that loud sound, Ruszczyk approached the driver’s side window of the car and was fatally shot by Officer Mohamed Noor, according to investigators.

Source: Justine Ruszczyk slapped Minneapolis police car before she was shot, report says – CNN.com

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  1. While I support GOOD police officers, the Blue Lives Matter bunch has certainly been quiet, along with the “if she had complied” bunch and am still waiting for this pajama clad “thugs” record to be published.

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