The Bird – 7/31/2017

Ah, yes. The last bird of the July. This week was a toughy. Of course, there was plenty of reasons to give it to Mr. Trump but alas, he is excluded from consideration. John McCain took the early lead with his vote that would allow the Republicans to take healthcare from millions of Americans while he gets treated for his cancer and criticizing the process with which he just went along. However, later in the week, he made a key vote that prevented that from happening. Plus, can I really give the bird to someone who has zero fucks left to give?

Anthony Scarramucci made an appearance as a contender with his profanity laden interview but I just cannot give it to him because, to be honest, it made me laugh. While I am confident that Scarramucci will get a bird in the future, this is not his week.

Scarramuccci… Scarramucci… Will you do the fandango?

After much deliberation and talking to myself, I have decided that this week, the bird belongs to Mitch McConnell. McConnell has been leading the Republicans in their effort to pass a tax cut disguised as a repeal and replace effort of the ACA. Unfortunately, for him, he decided that he would employ the Pelosi strategy of passing something and then see what was passed. Plus, his role in appropriating Scalia’s seat already has him on my short list.

Mitch McConnell, I give you the bird.

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