Trump vs. Mueller is Nothing Like Clinton vs. Starr

I do not really see the parallels between Trump/Mueller and Clinton/Starr. In the case of Starr, he was brought in to investigate the Whitewater deal but when he failed to find any convincing evidence that there were any laws broken, he changed course to investigate Clinton’s sexual escapades in the Oval Office.

In the case of Mueller, the investigation is just getting started and it will be time before we really learn anything (unless he starts leaking stuff the same way Starr did). It is still questionable that Mr. Trump did anything illegal (my money is on money laundering if he did). However, the fact that Mr. Trump is threatening to fire Mueller does not help his case that there is nothing to the Russia scandal.

The spin we’re going to start hearing now, in the wake of Thursday night’s bombshell New York Times and Washington Post stories, is that what Trump & Co. are about to do to attempt to destroy Robert Mueller’s credibility is no different from what Bill Clinton and his team did to Ken Starr 20 years ago.

Source: Trump vs. Mueller is Nothing Like Clinton vs. Starr

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