We need you! – Our America Initiative

While the third parties are going about it all wrong (they should be concentrating on local races and building a movement), the fact that the system is rigged against them is morally wrong. There are few reasons why ballot access should be as restrictive as they are. Laws that limit ballot access are there for one reason: to preserve the dominance of the Democrats and Republicans.

We should demand of our so-called leaders to repeal and eliminate all unnecessary laws limiting ballot access and to disband the Commission on Presidential Debates (who exists only to make sure third parties do not get to share the stage with establishment candidates).

Ballot access is available to non-major candidates in more states than ever after an election in America’s history. In the courtroom, the Commission on Presidential Debates is on its heels. Those impacts alone will make the nation, and the Liberty Movement, better. After a little time to reflect, we are ready to take on the Washington establishment.

Source: We need you! – Our America Initiative

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