Little Jonnie: Private Club

Little Jonnie woke in the morning. He looked out the window. In the lot, next to his house, he saw a large box. He dressed quickly and ran outside without breakfast. He pulled the box to his house. He thought it would make the best fort.

Jonnie got craft paints and decorated it. He painted an American flag and a sign that read, “no girls allowed.” Sister laughed at him.

“You can’t keep girls out.”

Jonnie stood up and said, “This is my club, no girls allowed.”

It was time for lunch. He went back inside. After lunch, he went outside. There was someone in his club. It was Juanita, Sister’s friend. Jonnie was not happy.

“Why are you in my club?” Jonnie demanded.

“Your sister and I…”

“This is not your club. You are a mean girl… nasty girl. Get out.”

Juanita was surprised. She left and went to the porch. Jonnie was still not happy. Juanita could come back. Jonnie went inside and got his blocks. He started building a wall. It was going to be a great wall. It would keep Juanita out.

Jonnie did not have enough for his wall. He needed more. He went inside. Mother and Father were sitting in the kitchen.

“Mother and Father, I need more blocks for my wall.”

Mother said, “Blocks cost money.”

“Make Juanita’s parents pay. The wall is to keep her out.”

Father said, “Maybe we can get you a few more. We’ll see if her parents will help pay for them.”

Jonnie smiled. He was going to get his wall. He went outside to plan his wall.

Sister and Juanita were in his club. This made Jonnie mad again.

“Why are you in my club? No girls allowed.”

Sister yelled, “You can’t keep us out.”

“Yes, I can. It is my club and I make the rules. No girls allowed.”

Sister and Juanita left the club. Sister went in the house. Juniata waited on the porch. Jonnie sat in his club. He was not going to let them in.

Sister came back. Grams was with her.

“Jonnie, you have to let Sister and Juanita play in your box.”

“No, I don’t. It is my club and I make the rules.”

“Jonnie, you have to follow the rules and share. I will take the box away if you don’t play nicely.”

“You are mean. You can’t tell me what to do.”

Jonnie stomped off. He went back in the house. He will find another way to keep girls out.

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