Ethics watchdog sues GSA over Trump International Hotel lease records –

Under President Obama, according to conservatives, the Constitution is a sacred document that must be followed not only to the letter but to what the founding fathers intended. They considered the document so important, that they began reading it at the beginning of every Congress.  President Obama could not even take a dump without someone on Fox News declaring it a violation of that sacred document.

It is very interesting how upon the election of a Republican to the office of President, that their concern over that document is now non-existent. The Constitution clearly states that the President, members of Congress, and other government officials may not take gifts and payments from foreign governments.

Why is it then that when Mr. Trump refuses to stop doing business with foreign governments, he receives a pass. Their main argument is that complying with the Constitution would not be practical.

Ummm… Excuse me?!?

Either the Constitution is the sacred law of the land or it is just some piece of paper with which politicians wipe their butt. Just because Mr. Trump allegedly holds billions of dollars of business, it does not excuse him from following the Constitution.

I, for one, have a hard time believing that the founding fathers would find Mr. Trump’s actions acceptable. Do not expect that people who were calling for President Obama’s impeachment for imaginary offenses to call for the impeachment of Mr. Trump. It was not about what is right or wrong but about power.

An ethics watchdog group is suing the General Services Administration for not turning over correspondence and other documents related to the lease of the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington filed a complaint Thursday night under the Freedom of Information Act challenging GSA’s failure to release the records, which the organization requested several months ago.

Source: Ethics watchdog sues GSA over Trump International Hotel lease records –

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