Republican Lawmakers Take A Raise Away From St. Louis Workers | HuffPost

What happened to the idea that local governments are better suited for making policy? At least under the Obama administration, that was the talking point by Republicans.

No, the real agenda was that when it was the Democrats in control of DC, they did not want those “evil” liberals passing laws to override the conservative agenda. Now that they own the country, the Republicans are showing their true colors. It was not about local governments being better, it was about power over people’s lives.

Let us consider Michigan as an example. The Republicans created a law that gives the Republican governor the power to take over the government of a city and install his cronies to run it. This law was repealed by a popular vote of the citizens of the state but the Republicans snuck it back onto the books in a way that it cannot be repealed again. If this was Democrats doing it, it would have been called tyranny or fascism. Since it was done by Republicans… crickets.

Conservatives love authoritarianism only if they are the ones in charge.

Two months ago, Cynthia Sanders got a raise at her janitorial job, from $8.30 to $10 per hour, after St. Louis passed a law raising its minimum wage. The extra money has helped the 51-year-old cover groceries and utilities as she raises three grandchildren.

But in just a few weeks, Sanders’ pay rate could drop back down again, thanks to a new law Republicans in the Missouri legislature passed invalidating St. Louis’ minimum wage.

Source: Republican Lawmakers Take A Raise Away From St. Louis Workers | HuffPost

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