Trump Is No Realist – In Saner Thought

But what is meant by “Realist”?

If we are talking about it in the context of philosophy then……

Source: Trump Is No Realist – In Saner Thought

One of the biggest mistakes that the media and commentators in general make is that they are trying to fit Mr. Trump into some sort of label or as belonging to philosophy. To be honest, this is a normal and natural reaction. The human mind has a tendency to try to find order within chaos which is the source of most alleged photographs of ghosts.

When it comes to Mr. Trump, chaos is an accurate description. There is no consistency to his policies what he says today could very well be contradicted by him two or more times in the future. Even looking in his tweeter feed, you can find evidence of him changing positions on various issues.

The truth is that sometimes a clueless moron is just that, a clueless moron.

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