Little Jonnie: Yappy Dog

Little Jonnie sat at the table. He ate Frosted Snowflakes cereal. Sister ate eggs. She was messy. She kept getting them on her face. Father read the newspaper. He put the paper down.

“Jonnie, you are a big boy, you take care of Mic now.”

Jonnies face gleamed. Sister rolled her eyes.

“Father, Jonnie is not ready to take care of Mic.”

“I am too ready,” stated Jonnie, “you are being mean.”

Father smiled, “Jonnie is old enough. He needs to learn how to be a big boy.”

Sister protested, “Jonnie is not mature. He still has temper tantrums.”

“I DO NOT! You are mad because I am a big boy!”

Father said to Sister, “Jonnie takes care of Mic now. That is final.”

Sister left the room.

“Jonnie, why don’t you take Mic for a walk.”

“I will. I’ll be the best dog walker ever.”

Jonnie rushed into the living room. He took Mic’s leash off the coat rack. Mic ran to Jonnie. He put the leash on Mic. They went outside.

Jonnie and Mic walked down the street. Barry was home. He sat on the porch.

“Jonnie, Yappy dog is running loose,” shouted Barry.

“Shut up Barry, I am a big boy.”

Jonnie and Mic continued. They stopped when they saw Yappy dog. Yappy dog was a small dog. He was smaller than Mic. Jonnie did not worry. Mic was a big German Shepard. Yappy dog was a small mutt.

Yappy dog barked at Jonnie and Mic. Mic pulled at the leash.

Jonnie said to Mic, “You want to go after Yappy dog? Okay.”

Jonnie removed the leash from Mic. Mic charged at Yappy dog. Mic and Yappy dog fought for a moment. Yappy dog ran off. Mic did not chase. He returned to Jonnie. Mic licked his paw. Jonnie saw a scratch.

“Did Yappy dog hurt you? Let me take care of you.”

Jonnie took Mic home. They went in the kitchen. Jonnie got the dog treats from the pantry. As Jonnie fed Mic, Sister and Father walked in.

Sister said, “Father, Jonnie let Mic get in a fight.”

Father shrugged, “Mic looks okay to me.”

“Aren’t you going to ask what happened? Like you did when Ben and Gary hit him?”

“I don’t see the need.”

Sister turned to Jonnie, “Don’t feed Mic so much! He will get fat again.”

“I am not. You didn’t take care of Mic. He needs to be bigger.”


Father rolled his eyes, “Mic is Jonnie’s responsibility now.”

Jonnie grinned at Sister. He fed more treats to Mic.


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