After the Coup, What Then? | The American Conservative

What will be the reaction out there in fly-over country, that land where the “deplorables” dwell who produce the soldiers to fight our wars? Will they toast the “free press” that brought down the president they elected, and in whom they had placed so much hope?

Source: After the Coup, What Then? | The American Conservative

This is how the authoritarian right is seeing the investigation into Mr. Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia. The authoritarian right sees the investigation as coup designed to depose a legitimate ruler of the country. The irony of this is that Mr. Trump was elected due to people leaking pilfered documents from the DNC and Clinton.

Rather than take an objective look at the evidence, they place the blame on the press for the leaks it reported. In the case of the NRA, they have made a very public statement that they are gunning for the New York Times and extension other media outlets that do not report state approved news. There are some political commentators saying that there will be civil war if Mr. Trump is removed from office.

It is sad how the authoritarian right believes that we should not be investigating what could possibly be criminal activity by Mr. Trump after spending years investigating a stupid email server. Then again, the hypocrisy of the authoritarian right knows no bounds. Brace yourself, folks, it will not matter the evidence, when something comes from the investigation, the gun-toting snowflakes will be triggered.

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