Meth charge dropped after only spaghetti sauce found on spoon

Drug charges have been dropped against a Commerce woman after crime lab analysis confirmed her claim that a spoon she had in a vehicle leading to her arrest did not contain methamphetamine residue but spaghetti sauce.

Ashley Gabrielle Huff, 23, initially was charged with possession of methamphetamine. She maintained the residue on a spoon was spaghetti sauce, not meth.

Source: Meth charge dropped after only spaghetti sauce found on spoon

What is going on in this country? If this is the result of the “war on drugs,” then maybe we need to consider our strategy because it is clearly not working (one can argue that it is but that is another topic). Maybe the police officers need better training (but that would be blaming those who we deem to be blameless).

Let me ask, why are we criminalizing things where there is no victim? As long as nobody is being harmed by another’s actions, why is it even the consideration of the government? If I want to smoke weed (not that I really want to), why should I be subject to arrest as long as my actions did not harm others? Of course, those who complain the loudest about nanny states are the same people who support these authoritarian laws.

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