America’s Special Education Mess | The American Conservative

The Trump administration’s plans to expand scholarship tax credits—a less subsidized version of vouchers—could very well end up being a boon to individual students in great need across the country. Such programs help individual students by allowing them to escape from failing public schools. But they do nothing to fix failing public schools.

Source: America’s Special Education Mess | The American Conservative

As a parent of a special needs child, I can attest to how messed up this system has become. When this article talks about the IEP being more of a legal proceeding than a conference, they are not joking. Most average parents do need to have an advocate if not a lawyer because the school system will have their specialists and even lawyer to limit the services that a child receives.

On the hand, one can make the case that the system is overly permissive in regards to what parents can request for their children and even what children can get services. To a point, the system is stacked against the school system.

The system needs to be fixed but this Republican administration and Republican Congress has shown itself as not being trustworthy to reform anything. If anything, they would return us to the system where children with special needs will be excluded or relegated to rooms where they are not educated but babysat.

The question is what needs to be done to fix the system to where the rights of the children to receive an education is honored but the school systems are not overburdened with regulations.


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