We’re headed for a constitutional crisis.

A good ending, aspiring screenwriters have been taught for generations, should be “surprising yet inevitable.” If everyone sees the ending coming from a mile away, there is no suspense. If the ending seems arbitrary, or runs counter to the grain of the story and the character arc of its protagonists, it undermines the suspension of disbelief. Only when the ending is surprising enough to feel fresh, yet inevitable enough to reveal the protagonists’ deepest nature, do the final scenes leave the viewer satisfied.

Source: We’re headed for a constitutional crisis.\

During the general campaign between Clinton and Trump, the authoritarian right warned the country that electing a person under an investigation by the FBI would create a Constitutional crisis.  Oddly enough, they went ahead and elected Mr. Trump.

Every day with Mr. Trump as the president, it becomes increasingly clear that the warning of the authoritarian right was indeed prophetic. As the news of the Russian scandal unfolds, more evidence that his campaign and by extension Mr. Trump engaged in highly questionable actions with Russia.

Meuller’s investigation is going to find something and if my predictions are worth anything, it will be for something that is impeachable. When that happens, we will be in a full blown crisis (especially if there is evidence that the Republican party is just as dirty) because the Republican party, who controls Congress, will refuse to take action. As we know the authoritarian right believes power is more important than principle.

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