Double-Standard Dirtbags | The American Conservative

Sitting in the DFW airport yesterday waiting for a connecting flight, texting on my smartphone, I reached out to a female friend who had defended Donald Trump in the wake of the “grab ’em by the p-ssy” tape that came out last fall. My friend told me then that she didn’t care, that she would vote Trump because she hated Hillary Clinton.

Source: Double-Standard Dirtbags | The American Conservative

Let’s be frank here. Say what you will about Weinstein but those who are criticizing the Democrats about him have no moral credibility to make such accusations. They are the ones who have supported and continue to support Dear Leader; a person who, like Weinstein, has been accused of sexual harassment and assault. Why is it that we are to give him a pass but hold Democrats to a higher standard?

Oh… that’s right: it’s okay if you’re a Republican. 🤔

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