Scarsdale – part 4: Heading out the door

Morgan dressed as fast as he could after he finished the phone call with the department. He was glad that call was over. It was the day dispatcher, Irma Glenn Murphy; aunt to Police Chief Jason Murphy. Even though he did not know her age, Morgan thought that the department needed to force her to retire. Despite the fact she held the job for at least 30 years, she still regularly made mistakes; often dispatching officers to the wrong address. Morgan though for certain that when someone died due to one of her mistakes, the department would force her to retire. Alas, that did not happen. The Police Chief valued two things: loyalty and family. She had both.

According to Irma, there was a murder and the Chief wanted him to lead the investigation. When was the last time there was a murder in Scarsdale? He cannot remember any in the last seven years that has was on the force. It had been even longer since he last investigated one. He thought back to that time when he was a member of the Arizona state police; before he lost everything that was important to him.

Morgan looked at himself in the mirror on his dresser. Creases crisscrossed his shirt and he knew that it was not acceptable. He did not have time to iron it because he had to be at the crime scene “as soon as possible.” With some luck, his body heat and the scorching Arizona sun would take care of the problem.

His mind continued to inquire about this new assignment. Why did the Chief want him on this investigation? Even though he had certification, he was not the only officer on the force and he lacked seniority. His experience was the only advantage he had but that often played a small role in these decisions. He certainly did not have the favor of the Chief.

He shrugged to himself. He concluded whatever the reason, it would become obvious soon enough. On that thought, he grabbed the keys to his police cruiser and headed for the door.

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