Skeletons of Scarsdale – part 6: Arriving at the crime scene

Despite Irma the dispatcher giving him directions that must have come from Google maps and the jitters that jolted his body along the bumps in the road, Morgan found the lone recreational vehicle in the middle of the desert just outside of the city. Cruiser with flashing blue and red lights and an ambulance sat just outside of the area around the RV but they were the wrong ones; they were those of the sheriff’s department.

Morgan pulled his cruiser next to the ambulance and turned off the ignition. He sat there studying the scene. Sheriff deputies in tan shirts and chestnut brown wide-brimmed hats monitored the scene while a photographer took pictures near a worn down green truck. Morgan could not help but notice an AR15 in a gun rack in the window of the truck. One of the deputies noticed him and began walking towards his cruiser. He opened the door and stepped out.

“Are you lost, officer?”

“I don’t think so. This is a murder crime scene?”

“Affirmative.” The deputy pointed towards Scarsdale. “Your jurisdiction ended at that fence over there. This is our case.”

Morgan could not be certain if it was the sun but he began to feel hot. He rubbed his chin as he looked in the distance. As he began studying the horizon around the scene, he responded.

“Why in the hell did they send me here?”

“I can’t say, sir. Maybe you should talk with your dispatcher?”

Morgan thought he heard a suppressed snort accompanying that comment. He could not blame the deputy, some of Irma’s mistakes were well known in these parts. He heard the muffled barks of a dog in the distance.

“I can’t see any neighbors around here. Anybody could have come out here.”

The deputy nodded, “He was either brave or stupid. We still trying to figure that out.”

Morgan squinted and turned to him, “I’m sorry?”

“When you see the political stickers on the truck, you’ll understand.”

“Okay… What can you tell me?”

“The VIC is Steven Glass. The newspaper carrier saw him this morning and called it in.”

As Morgan followed the deputy to the back of the ambulance, he thought the name sounded familiar.

“We found him lying near the back of the truck with a pair of Lugar casings about 15 feet from him at the front.”

Morgan pointed towards the truck, “Little good that rifle did him.”

The deputy smirked and continued, “Whoever did it, broke into the RV and trashed the place. We don’t have a motive yet.”

The deputy stopped next to a gurney with a black body bag on it. He unzipped the bag to let Morgan see his face. Then it dawned on Morgan…

“Holy shit! I know this guy.”


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