Skeletons of Scarsdale – part 7: Introduction

Morgan did not know much about Steve. He knew that Steve handled all the geek stuff at the Department and City Hall. He knew that Steve was a contractor. He met Steve three times in the seven years he was on the force. The first time was when he joined the Department and Steve guided him through the system. The second and third times were when he had problems with his laptop. He thought Steve was a good guy if not socially awkward.

Reminiscing about the VIC was not the reason Morgan was standing at this crime scene but the deputy’s questions kept coming. As the deputy approached his 20th question, a rotund balding man dressed similarly to the other deputies climbed out of the recreational vehicle and waved at him. Morgan recognized the man as Sheriff Michael Andrews. The Sherriff walked up to Morgan and got in his face.

“I see the city boy finally arrived.”

“My apologies. I tried to get here as fast as I could.”

It was not a lie but the complete truth would have made things complicated. The Sheriff did not need to know about the panic attack and the hangover.

The Sheriff smirked, “Well, Irma is your dispatcher.”

Morgan did not have a response but he did start to wonder how often he was going to hear that joke today. However, there was a question that he needed an answer.

“May I ask why I am here?”

The Sheriff crossed his arms and squinted as he stared into Morgan’s eyes. Damn, he asked the wrong question. He braced himself for what was going to come.

“Let me be clear on one thing Officer Monroe. I expressed my objection to having to share the case but someone with clout on the county board thinks we need to work together. Nothing personal. Okay?”

“Yes. I’ll let your department take lead. Just let me know how I can help.”

The Sheriff smiled and tapped him on the shoulder, “Alright, I knew you were a smart guy. Let’s catch this son of a bitch.”


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