Skeletons of Scarsdale – part 8: Tracking a killer

Whoops… made a typo in the title. This is part 8. 🤦

“At the moment, we have a body, a trashed RV, and whole lot of nothing,” said the Sheriff in a flat tone as he placed his hands on his hips. “Feel free to look around. Deputy… Jackson will answer any questions you have. I, on the other hand, have a press release to write.”

Sheriff Andrews shook Morgan’s hand and sauntered to his cruiser. Deputy Jackson turned to Morgan and blew out a breath.

“Is there anything that you need?”

“Not right now. Thanks.”

Deputy Jackson turned and went back to examining the evidence. Morgan walked to the truck and the photographer was finishing. On the ground, next to the tire a pair of 9mm casings rested in the dirt. There were numbered cards next to them and there were no signs of a struggle. The killer took Steve by surprise and did not play any games.

Morgan studied the ground in front of the truck. He saw several footprints in the dirt along several sets of tire tracks. Logically, some of them might have been the VIC’s and one pair the belonged to the killer. He saw at least four or five different sets of tracks. Damn, the Sherriff’s men messed them up.

He estimated that it was 100 feet from the mailboxes to the RV. The killer could not have approached from the front and surprised Steve. Morgan concluded that the killer needed to approach the RV on foot. Car lights would have attracted Steve’s attention.

To test his theory, Morgan walked a circle around the truck three times. Each circle was larger than the previous and as he walked, he scanned the ground. He stopped when he found a footprint about 30 feet from the truck in the middle of the desert. Morgan planted a flag and shouted to the photographer.

As the photographer jogged to him, Morgan examined the footprint. It was not a footprint from a sneaker or boot as he would have expected. It was a dress shoe. Maybe it was from one of the deputies?

As the photographer reached him, he asked, “Did anybody come out here?”

The photographer answered, “I don’t think so.”

As the photographer began to take pictures of the area, Morgan found the trail and began following it. Every so often, he planted a flag and continued. When the photographer finished with the first footprint, he began to trail Morgan and took pictures along the way.

Eventually, Morgan came to a set of tire tracks. They were off-road tires for a truck or an SUV. They looked to be approximately 10 inches wide. He looked towards the RV and estimated that it was somewhere between 300 and 500 feet. The photographer immediately started taking pictures as Morgan smiled to himself. This is from where the killer started approaching the RV on foot.

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