Skeletons of Scarsdale – part 9: Looks like a tornado went through here

A surreal feeling washed over Morgan as he entered the RV. At first, it was the skittering and scratching noise coming from the back. The back room was a large bathroom, one that was larger than what is normal in an RV. Inside the shower, he watched a distorted brown and white silhouette jump up the side of the opaque shower door. After this form settled, Morgan heard a low growl followed by several high pitch yelps.

Various household items covered the floor. Morgan’s best guess was that someone took the contents of the now open storage compartments and dumped them on the floor. He saw spoons, knives, dinner plates, and rolls of toilet paper towards the back. Turning his head, he saw tiny bottles of alcohol and a with some fifths. Scattered among the alcohol, there were several boxes of ammunition. Some of them broke open and individual 5.56 and .45 rounds rested in the fibers of the carpet and rolled on the vinyl floor in the kitchen area.

The compartment for the electronics was empty and Morgan saw manuals for an Xbox and PS4 but he did not see either. On one of the walls, there was a brace for a television but he did not see one anywhere. Morgan thought that was unusual and scanned around the RV and studied the floor.

He knew that Steve worked in technology but there was nothing electronic in the RV except for the microwave built into the cabinetry. He expected to at least see a laptop and some of those jump drives but there was nothing.

The brown and white blob in the bathroom began to howl like a miniature banshee. The noise was not helping with a headache he had since woke in the morning. He knelt to look under the chairs and couch. Seeing nothing of interest, he scooped a couple bottles in his hand.

Morgan stared at the bottles One was vodka and the other was Jack. He hesitated and thought about dropping them. He did not need them and he would have been stealing from a crime scene. In the end, he slipped them into his front pocket without any further consideration.


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