Some quick, last-minute Halloween ideas

Halloween is coming up on us and this weekend will the last opportunity to prepare. Here are some ideas that can get you across that finish line.

8 Creepy Yards That Are Winning Halloween on Instagram Right Now

I love Halloween, but in the making costumes, eating candy, and drinking a cocktail while asking “and who are you supposed to be?” kind of way. When it comes to the actual scary stuff, I’m the first to cry and run for my life. I jump a foot when a pin drops, fast forward through tense movie scenes, and avoid haunted houses as if my life really depended on it. And thanks to these yards on Instagram, I’m now going to sleep for the next month with all the lights on.


I don’t think that I have ever called one of my own recipes “gross” before, but there is a first time for everything and these Dirty Q-Tip Treats are truly gross. To be honest, I kind of got a little waves of nausea making these with the kids last year, but the end result is a truly fantastic and disgusting treat that will be the hit of any horrific (that’s the goal, right?) Halloween party!

The Trick To Making Your Own Halloween Candy? Swallowing Your Fear

Candy is not a food known for its use of wholesome ingredients. In fact, it barely qualifies as a food at all. But Jami Curl, the confectioner behind Portland’s Quin candy shop, is trying to change that.

30 Genius Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Whip Up Last Minute

These clever Halloween costumes are super easy to make at home, no matter how much time you’ve got. Plus, get great costumes ideas for groups and the cutest couples costumes!


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