Listen to your elders

They have always said to stay away from the abandoned Sanctuary of St. Michael the Archangel especially after dark… especially on all hallow’s eve… especially the cemetery. Nobody knew why it sat deserted. Rumor said that one night the priests and nuns it housed disappeared without a trace. Nobody knew where they went; not even... Continue Reading →

Psychological thriller question…

I've been going through about five or six novels that I believe to be psychological thrillers (Kindle Store does not make it easy to tell). From what I have seen, they all have female main characters and at some point in the story, they hook up with another character. Is this a general theme in... Continue Reading →

Every Single Cognitive Bias in One Infographic

Science has shown that we tend to make all sorts of mental mistakes, called “cognitive biases”, that can affect both our thinking and actions. These biases can lead to us extrapolating information from the wrong sources, seeking to confirm existing beliefs, or failing to remember events the way they actually happened! Source: Every Single Cognitive... Continue Reading →

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