Washington Post Caught O’Keefe in the Act

It seems that James O'Keefe's group is trying to create false narratives to help their buddy, Pedophile Moore. However, they were caught in the act this time. This is an example how conservative "journalists" try to shift the narrative to what they want low information voters to think. They create false narratives by making recordings... Continue Reading →

Wasted Medicine [Share]

ProPublica has a series called Wasted Medicine that investigates how the healthcare industry is being wasteful and overcharging people. WASTED MEDICINE Billions of dollars are routinely wasted every day by health care providers in the United States — and it’s driving up the cost of care for all of us.  

End Times: Marie-Camila

The door slid open without a sound. Even though it was dark outside, the windows were shaded as they usually were. The occupant never liked her view of the enclave. The room was pitch black except for the small flashing status lights from the auto-med; a monstrous spider-like android that hangs above the patient’s bed.... Continue Reading →

End Times: News Report

Johnathan was not happy. He stood in the transparent glass elevator as it carried him to the top floor. There was a military operation going on of which he had not authorized. Nobody was giving him any answers. Now, he had orders to report to Rhineshire tower; a distraction he did not need right now.... Continue Reading →

End Times: Invasion

Eilen and her sister hid under the bed in their room. She slid her hand into the darkness towards sister and Eilen could feel her doing likewise. When their hands touched, they interlocked, and only a crowbar could separate them. Eilen knew in her sister’s other hand, she would be clutching the filthy teddy bear... Continue Reading →

Facts on the Bob Menendez Trial

Bob Menendez charges, explained As jurors continue to deliberate in New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez's bribery and corruption trial, CNN has assembled the highlights of the 10-week trial. Jurors heard from nearly 60 witnesses and were shown almost 300 pieces of evidence. Jurors must determine under federal bribery law whether or not Menendez performed... Continue Reading →

Mass Shooting Facts

The facts on mass shootings in the United States The massacre of 26 worshipers at a rural Texas church is the latest in a grisly series of mass shootings across America in recent years. With each tragedy, we hear arguments about gun violence, mental health, how much firearms should be regulated and what’s driving the... Continue Reading →

A Little Black Friday FYI about Walmart

Walmart does like online shopping. So, they are going to hurt their online side to get people into their stores. Not sure how that makes sense... Walmart is raising prices online to increase in-store traffic Walmart is taking a bit of a nontraditional approach to boost sales ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping... Continue Reading →

Happy Turkey Day

Nothing really today... here are some ideas for pranks. 5 Funny iPhone Pranks to Liven Up Thanksgiving As you head over to Thanksgiving gatherings today, you’ll certainly need to have something to pass the time in between turkey and pie. As more of our friends and family members get smartphones, like the iPhone, it’s easier... Continue Reading →

Oubliette: Only the Specter Knows

The wind blew through the settlement but there was nobody to notice. None of what Jacob saw made sense. He wished that he found the cabins and barns burnt to the ground. He would have known what happened; savages. Instead, the settlement was pristine. There was not a single thing out of place. Even the... Continue Reading →

Texas shooter was not part of Antifa

Claim: The shooter in Texas on November 5, Devin Patrick Kelley, was a member of Antifa attempting to start a civil war. Fact: The shooter does not have any known ties to Antifa and evidence circulated online is fabricated.  Authorities believe that the shooting began as a domestic dispute. Texas Shooting Unrelated to Antifa Q: Was the man... Continue Reading →

SALT deduction facts [Link]

The Facts on the SALT Deduction The House Republican tax plan would eliminate a federal tax deduction for state and local income or sales taxes, and it modifies a deduction for state and local property taxes. The Senate bill eliminates the deductions entirely. These provisions have sparked criticism from lawmakers from states that would be... Continue Reading →

General Writing Tips [Links]

Another set of writing tips... Take That Project From Boring To Soring Do you ever feel like you’re swimming in circles? The water never changes temperature, there is never a current speeding the flow around you. You’re constantly fed the same ol’ boring tasteless crap to eat, yet it’s still the excitement of your day?... Continue Reading →

Muslim mayor did not cancel Christmas

Claim: The newly elected mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey is a Muslim and canceled "government involvement" in Christmas. Fact: The newly elected mayor, Ravinder Bhalla, is a Sikh and will not be sworn in until January 1, 2018. He cannot institute any changes until then. The city of Hoboken will still be observing Christmas as they... Continue Reading →

Special needs topics [Links]

MENTAL AGE THEORY HURTS PEOPLE WITH INTELLECTUAL DISABILITIES Have you ever heard the phrase “that person has the mind of a five year old In an adult body?” It is something many adults with intellectual disabilities, like me, have to deal with. For years, medical professionals have told parents of newly diagnosed Intellectually disabled people... Continue Reading →

Walking while black series [Link]

Pro-publica is publishing a series of articles about how blacks are being targeted while just walking down the street. WALKING WHILE BLACK Race can affect the enforcement of laws on a wide range of ordinary conduct, from driving to bicycling. Here’s our look at whether that kind of profiling is taking place with Jacksonville’s pedestrian... Continue Reading →

Donald Trump’s claim on coal

Claim: President Donald Trump claims an increase in coal production is the beginning of the end of the "war or coal." Fact: Over the course the past year, there has been a 7.8% increase in the production of coal. This increase was not due to the reduction of regulations. Shifts in the prices of natural... Continue Reading →

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