Why do corporations keep failing with their security?

This is the 21st century. The fact that corporations keep so much data on us is a matter of concern. It is even more concerning that these corporations are unable or unwilling to keep this information secure.

This is simply inexcusable and the reason that we are not seeing the corporations being good stewards of our data is that we do not hold them accountable. If a person is careless and causes others harm, that person is made to compensate. Why is it when a corporation is careless and causes its customers harm, we do not expect them to compensate us (especially when it obvious they knew of potential issues)?

Pizza Hut was hacked, company says

Pizza Hut told customers by email on Saturday that some of their personal information may have been compromised. Some of those customers are angry that it took almost two weeks for the fast food chain to notify them.

McAfee says it no longer will permit government source code reviews

U.S.-based cyber firm McAfee said it will no longer permit foreign governments to scrutinize the source code of its products, halting a practice some security experts have warned could be leveraged by nation-states to carry out cyber attacks.

Equifax Was Warned

Months before its catastrophic data breach, a security researcher warned Equifax that it was vulnerable to the kind of attack that later compromised the personal data of more than 145 million Americans, Motherboard has learned. Six months after the researcher first notified the company about the vulnerability, Equifax patched it—but only after the massive breach that made headlines had already taken place, according to Equifax’s own timeline.



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