It is debatable what effect Trump had on the campaign against ISIS

Claim: President Donald Trump claims that he has done more in his eight months as president than former President Barack Obama had in his years as president.

Fact: When Trump took office, the hold that ISIS-held on its territory was already crumbling. While Trump had continued the campaign against ISIS, the strategy is one mostly formulated under the Obama administration. It is not clear what effect Trump’s leadership had on this outcome.

Donald Trump takes credit for gains against ISIS but there’s more to the story

President Donald Trump campaigned on a promise to hit the Islamic State hard, and the armed fundamentalist group has suffered major losses on his watch.

In July, coalition forces broke ISIS’ hold on Mosul, the largest Iraqi city under their control. In October, they were forced out of Raqqa, the Syrian city the Islamic State claimed as the capital of their would-be caliphate.

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