Social media and its problem with free speech

One of the biggest problems facing users of social media is the presence of hate speech and misinformation masquerading as free speech. To combat these problems, the social media companies have rules. Unfortunately, the way that they apply these rules has produced confusing and often seemingly arbitrary results.

IMHO, these social media companies should not concern themselves with protecting free speech. As they are private entities, they are not restricted in the way that the government is. Instead, they should require its users to respectful of others and their points of view and certainly to disallow the childish behavior that is often found in the comment sections of articles.

What Does Facebook Consider Hate Speech? Take Our Quiz

Have you ever seen a post on Facebook that you were surprised wasn’t removed as hate speech? Have you flagged a message as offensive or abusive but the social media site deemed it perfectly legitimate?

One of the takeaways from this article is that is “white people are assholes” is not acceptable but “white conservative people are assholes” is acceptable. Personally, that does not make any sense.

Twitter looks to toughen rules on online harassment, abuse

Twitter Inc plans to toughen its rules on online sexual harassment and impose stronger penalties for misconduct, according to an email it sent to a group of safety advocates, academics and researchers that helps the social media service set its policies.

U.S. bill to regulate internet ads gains bipartisan support with McCain

U.S. legislation that would impose new disclosure requirements on political ads that run on Facebook and other websites received support on Wednesday from Senator John McCain, giving a bipartisan boost to a bill already popular among Democrats.

Russian troll factory paid US activists to help fund protests during election

Russian trolls posing as Americans made payments to genuine activists in the US to help fund protest movements on socially divisive issues, according to a new investigation by a respected Russian media outlet.

Reddit conducts wide-ranging purge of offensive subreddits

Reddit has long been the most permissive of the major social media sites. Whereas Facebook tries to ensure that all content on the site is suitable for a general audience, Reddit willingly hosts content that is sexually explicit, violent, or disturbing in a variety of other ways.

Facebook, in reversal, to publish cache of political ads

Facebook Inc (FB.O) announced a plan to increase transparency about its role in political advertising on Friday, ahead of congressional hearings next week on social media companies and Russia’s meddling in last year’s U.S. presidential election.

Facebook to Fight Revenge Porn by Letting Potential Victims Upload Nudes in Advance

Facebook is testing new technology that is designed to help victims of revenge porn acts.

This new tool is currently under testing in Australia, and the company says it plans to expand it to other countries if everything goes well.


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