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Have you ever heard the phrase “that person has the mind of a five year old In an adult body?” It is something many adults with intellectual disabilities, like me, have to deal with. For years, medical professionals have told parents of newly diagnosed Intellectually disabled people that they would mentally be children for their entire lives. 

AUDITORY DEFICIENCIES: 12 Auditory Processing Deficiencies to Recognize in Your Child

If you find yourself constantly repeating directions and instructions for your child, you may think they have a hearing issue. However, what they may experience is a breakdown in their auditory system or auditory deficiencies that affect approximately 5 percent of school-aged children. Your child may hear the instructions you give them, but because they can’t process the information, they won’t complete the tasks you’ve laid out for them.

How Anxiety Leads to Disruptive Behavior

A 10-year-old boy named James has an outburst in school. Upset by something a classmate says to him, he pushes the other boy, and a shoving-match ensues. When the teacher steps in to break it up, James goes ballistic, throwing papers and books around the classroom and bolting out of the room and down the hall. He is finally contained in the vice principal’s office, where staff members try to calm him down. Instead, he kicks the vice principal in a frenzied effort to escape. The staff calls 911, and James ends up in the Emergency Room.

Types of Learning Disorders: How to know the difference in learning delays

Many parents and caregivers get confused with the different terminology that is used to describe various learning problems, issues and behaviors. There is a constant bombardment in the media and in the educational sphere of contrasting terms and definitions used to describe possible concerns or questions over a child’s learning habits. Oftentimes, unless otherwise informed, most parents typically go along with a discussion about learning challenges and may later develop a misconception of what they are told.

My Mental Health as a Parent of a Child With a Disability

Parenting is a challenge. No matter how many happy photos we post online, we all know that somehow, somewhere, each of us is struggling with one aspect of child rearing or another. It may just be a temporary struggle, but everyone has their problems. It’s the reality of parenting.


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