Some Tips for Financial Freedom

Let’s face it. This economy is designed to make sure you do not get as much money as you deserve and that what you do get to keep (once the Republicans are done) is easily siphoned from your pockets. Here are some ideas to keep as much of what you earn.

Why No Credit Cards? A Financial Friday Thought

I used to love credit cards: it seems so magical that, if I only spent what I could pay off each month, a credit card would give me a perk that was totally free – cash back, points for a rewards program, or other positives. Even signing up for the cards gave me bonuses, and because I didn’t carry a balance and I avoided cards with annual fees, I got something for what I saw as nothing.

Financial Friday: Making it a Game to Avoid Eating Out too Much!

It’s one of our downfalls: Husband and I love eating food out at restaurants! It saves time and effort after a long day at work, the food is often inventive and delicious, and I don’t even have to go grocery shopping! We figured out a long time ago that this was one of the budget items that we were going to struggle to keep under control.


If you’re like many Americans, you’re living paycheck to paycheck with almost no money in savings and a lot of credit card debt. To get on track financially, follow these 7 simple steps for getting out of debt, saving for your future, and living the life you’ve always imagined:

MasterCard has finally realized that signatures are obsolete and stupid

For years, credit card companies have relied on an illegible squiggly line as the frontline of defense against credit card fraud. Customers are forced to use a pen (how retro!) to scrawl their signature on bills at restaurants and sign digitally at cash registers–as if somehow in the age of chips, PINs, biometrics, and online fraud alerts, a line on a page is still a great tool against fraud prevention. Personally, I have been known to sign on the dotted line with a doodle of a piece of tofu and no one has ever stopped me, because signatures mean very little in this digital age.


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