Republicans (and Conservatives) really love being authoritarians [Links]

The party of the Constitution who defend us from the terrors of tyranny do not seem to have any problem when they are the ones engaging in tyranny and picking winners and losers.

Why Google should be afraid of a Missouri Republican’s Google probe

The Republican attorney general of Missouri has launched an investigation into Google’s business practices. Josh Hawley wants to know how Google handles user data. And he plans to look into whether Google is using its dominance in the search business to harm companies in other markets where Google competes.


THIS WEEK, REPRESENTATIVES of three major internet platforms — Google, Facebook, and Twitter — are testifying before Congress about their role in facilitating Russian meddling in the 2016 election. But a fourth giant sat comfortably removed: Amazon.

Instead of getting yelled at by lawmakers, Amazon is on the verge of winning a multibillion-dollar advantage over retail rivals by taking over large swaths of federal procurement.

Trump judge nominee, 36, who has never tried a case, wins approval of Senate panel

Brett J. Talley, President Trump’s nominee to be a federal judge in Alabama, has never tried a case, was unanimously rated “not qualified” by the American Bar Assn.’s judicial rating committee, has practiced law for only three years and, as a blogger last year, displayed a degree of partisanship unusual for a judicial nominee, denouncing “Hillary Rotten Clinton” and pledging support for the National Rifle Assn.

Please note, this guy has never tried as case as a judge and his is rated not qualified by the American Bar Association. But, he is a die hard conservative and that is all that matters. How naive of me, I thought judicial activism was a bad thing.

As judiciary nominees come quick, Democrats cry foul

Republican Senators continued their forward march to reshape the judiciary Wednesday, holding hearings for six federal judgeships while also aiming to discredit the nonpartisan review board that has cast doubt on the qualifications of some of President Donald Trump’s young and often deeply conservative nominees.


4 thoughts on “Republicans (and Conservatives) really love being authoritarians [Links]

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    1. Funny how anybody who dares to criticize Dear Leader and his band of corporatists is automatically labeled as liberal. How about practicing applying some of those so-called conservative principles to the current regime?


      1. Corporatist? Really? When part of what you’re ranting about is a part of government turning against a major corporation? Or is it just that Google is leftwing enough to suit your fancy?

        But…my “conservative principles” are 1st concerned with conserving the nation and its traditional culture from the ravages of our domestic enemies. As such, I’m willing to accept more since this is essentially a wartime footing where and when certain niceties need to be put aside.


      2. Ever consider that both Democrats and Republicans are corporatists? The issue with Google is that they are being targeted for playing on the wrong team which is something that tyrants will do.

        That is a very fine rationalization you constructed but principles without practice are meaningless. Frankly, conservatism would do much better if only its practitioners held their representatives accountable. Of course, that would require putting the country over party and power.


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