Oubliette: An Unexpected Visitor

Jacob stopped. He crouched down behind some brown snow-covered bushes. He watched the small cabin. It was his cabin. Its thatched roof covered the single room that was only big enough for one person; two or three in an emergency but that would require the removal of the bench and makeshift table. Smoke curled from... Continue Reading →

Facebook sucks [Share]

Well, that is not exactly what the following linked article says but I think it is a good two-word summary. Basically, a former Facebook executive speaks out about the role that Facebook and other social media is having on our lives. This phenomenon is not just about America or even how Russia engaged in cyberwarfare... Continue Reading →

I've been looking at my homepage and it's been neglected. I'm going to have to start thinking about a renovation. 🤔

End Times: Security Lock Down

Johnathan flew from the door of his apartment to the seat at his workstation. He needed sleep and even the Lady ordered it but, what he really needed now was some answers. The transparent video panels in his cubicle like desk came to life with a blue glow on their border without an order from... Continue Reading →

Draw Your Concept of Fake News

Mozilla announced a program where they will award a cash prize to develop an artistic concept of fake news. If you have a great idea (and talent to boot), here is a way to express yourselves. Mozilla wants to pay you $15,000 to draw your concept of fake news Get out those paint brushes and... Continue Reading →

End Times: Status Report

Echo’s voice emanated from the wall console, “My Lady? Are you awake?” Luanne sat up on her bed, “Yes.” She always thought that it was odd that the androids would ask that question; they could tell by sight. She did not know if it was due to some sort of etiquette algorithm or just general... Continue Reading →

End Times: Lost in the Dark

“Len?” Eilen heard her sister call for her in the darkness in front of her. She turned the corner and flashed the light down the tunnel where Jessi waited. The light reflected off Jessi who was still wearing her dirty and tattered outfit and a dirt black, tattered teddy bear drooped over her arm. Eilen... Continue Reading →

I get it now. Clearly, the Republicans think of the middle-class as dwarves.

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