Your Language is a Tool

Dauvis' Dev Musings

One of the most quintessential questions asked by new (and experienced) developers is “What language is the best?” or “What is the best language to learn?” To that, I give the quintessential cop-out, “It depends.” It is best to view choosing a language the same way a car mechanic would choose a tool to work on a car. A mechanic would not use a sledgehammer to change a car’s oil (you may want to consider another mechanic if he or she does). Instead, the mechanic would use a wrench and a filter wrench.

If a developer must process several text files using regular expressions, C would be a poor choice. Instead, Perl would be a better choice because it has language constructs that make it superior to that application. Unfortunately, there are times when there is no choice. For example, when maintaining legacy software, the developer must use the language…

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