End Times: Annoying Pests

“Commander Marion, can you confirm that Rhineshire Central Security Administration is under a security lockdown?”

The information drone hovered before Johnathan waiting for an answer. It interposed itself between him and the doors to the administration office. Johnathan tried to sidestep it but it swung sideways to block him. He cursed at the drone in his mind and imaged grabbing it and throwing it to the ground. The only thing that keeping from that is that the laws define it as assault because they work for the “free press.” With the current state of affairs, the last thing the Lady needs is for her head of security to be arrested.

“I have no comment at this time.”

“In all due respect Commander, the people have the right to know,” countered the drone as it continued to interfere with Johnathan’s attempts to get around it.

“And you will be informed when there is something to report. You are violating protocol. Do I need summon security?”

“There is no need to threaten me, Commander. I am exercising my rights as a journalist.”

The drone moved out of Johnathan’s way allowing him access to the doors. Johnathan noticed that while the AIs claim to not have certain human traits, they have certainly learned how to be assholes.

He stepped up to the doors and they slid open. Inside the office, Johnathan saw the half-dozen security officers stationed in the office working with Unicorn in keeping order in Chicago Enclave. The lights on all the video panels and wall consoles were glowing red indicating that they were under a security lockdown. A cacophony talking accompanied the flurry of activity. As he stepped in, the noise died and the officer looked at him standing at attention.

“As you were,” commanded Johnathan as he headed towards his office.

The highest ranking officer joined Johnathan and walked with him, “Commander, Alfa is demanding to talk with you.”

Johnathan shrugged, “Alfa is going to have to wait. Have everybody meet me in my office in a half hour.”

“Yes, sir. What should I tell Alfa if it calls again?”

“Let it know that I am in my office.”

The officer nodded as Johnathan stepped into his office and sat at his workstation.

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