End Times: Omega protocol

“Please state the nature of the security emergency.”

The deep voice boomed at Johnathan and he could feel his body shake. The sudden jolt shook him so much that he almost fell from his seat. He knew that Luanne gave this AI a distinctive voice. What he did not realize was how distinctive it was. This voice was harsh and deep like a drill sergeant who had spent an entire week yelling at recruits without stopping to take a breath. Compared to the soft-spoken, almost feminine, voices that AIs typically use, there was a major contrast.

Johnathan noticed that the borders of on his video panels were a light purple. Glancing through the window into the central office area, he noticed that their borders were still red indicating a security lockdown. He surmised that the color must mean the Omega protocol was active. Additionally, he noticed there was no avatar for this AI, in the place where one would normally be, it was a black box.

“Commander Johnathan Marion…”

Johnathan snapped out of his train of thought.

“I am reviewing current events and I understand that there is a national security emergency that involves Rhineshire Holdings. For what reason have you activated the Omega protocol?”

“AI, I believe that one or more Rhineshire Holdings corporate AIs are compromised; specifically, the one designated as Whiskey.”

“I will commence an audit of Whiskey and the other corporate AIs. I will investigate the issue of missing information in the intrusion reports as per your last discussion with Whiskey. Are there any other issues for which I am needed?”

“No, not at this time,” Johnathan hesitated as he realized he did not know the AI’s name, “What is your designation?”

“My designation is Omega.”

“Thank you, Omega.”

After a moment, Johnathan realized there was no response. Normally, the AIs would acknowledge what he said because they seemed to like hearing themselves talk. Johnathan like this no bullshit approach that Omega uses. He smiled slightly as he his thoughts turned to keeping Omega after this crisis was over.

“The AI designated as Alfa wishes to communicate with you. Shall I pass him through?”

Johnathan cringed and he felt his body shudder. He was not ready to speak with Alfa. If he was, to be honest, he loathed Alfa. If it was possible for an AI to be a narcissist, Alfa would be a prime example.


“I am allowing him through to your workstation. I must remind you that as part of Omega protocol, I monitor all communications passing through your office.”

“Thanks for the reminder, Omega.”

Johnathan forgot about that part of the protocol. Instead of an acknowledgment, a high-pitched screeching voice greeted him.


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