New house guest

For Christmas, I got my wife one of those Echo Dots from Amazon (and one for myself 😀). After the Christmas chaos died down a bit, I finally took them from their boxes and set them up. Alexa, as she calls herself, is like a house guest just sits around all day listening to our conversations (and surely whispering gossip to the NSA despite her assurances otherwise).

Interacting with her is very much like this video…

Of course, there was an opportunity for shenanigans with the dots. When my daughter was trying to listen to some music, I used the app to constantly change it to Wierd Al. Then there were the boys discovering that they can add items to the shopping list. Highlights of that include:

  • I love you
  • Nut tendo switch
  • Leave me alone

Unfortunately, when it comes to general questions, Alexa is not as smart as Google Assistant. If you get one, I highly suggest that you change her safe word, I was watching videos on YouTube one night and an Amazon commercial came on. Needless to say, I had an alarm set for 8:00 in the morning that I did not want.

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