End Times: Blackguard Station Port-15

The maglev zipped by Brien and the security officer as they walked along the platform. The rush of air messed his red hair and he ran his fingers through it. Brien thought as for how he heard that outside of the enclave, the air moves by itself and they call it wind. Little wonder why dregs never have nicely styled hair.

The officer stopped in front of the door. It was an ordinary door without any markings. At first, Brien thought it was only a maintenance door but when it slid open, he was an office filled with security officer and drones. Brien followed the officer who motioned for him to have a seat on one of the dirty white benches in what he assumed to be a waiting area.

Brien watched the security officer walk out of view to the back part of the office. It was at that time, he realized that several sets of eyes were watching him. At first, he noticed the Blackguard Quadra autonomous drone whose presence dominated the room and then the electronic eyes around the room. The Quadra turned its attention away from him as another security officer entered the room.

This security officer was different than the others in the officer and not like any he had ever seen. Unlike the other officers who wore an all-black outfit, this officer wore dark blue pants with a gold stripe down the sides with a light blue long sleeve shirt. Displaying proudly where everyone could see was a large ribbon rack with several medals. Brien’s first thought when seeing him was that the epaulets were too much and gaudy. The officer was in his mid-sixties and whatever color his hair had been, it had long turned silver.

Judging from the reactions of the officers in the room, this officer commanded a high rank within the cadre. Everyone saluted him and Brien thought that if they could, the drones would have done the same. The officer walked to him and shook his hand as he stood to meet the office.

The officer spoke with an accent that made it obvious that he was originally from the Jackson Enclave, “It is nice to meet you, Mr. Martin. I’m sorry I don’t get out to the Portland Enclave often enough to have an office. Come with me young man, we have a lot to talk about. I reserved a conference room for us.”

The officer turned and began to walk away. Brien asked, “May I ask what is your name, sir?”

The officer stopped suddenly and turned around to face him again. He smiled at him with a furrowed brow. Brien glanced around the room and saw one of the security officers chuckle under his breath.

“Well, if it isn’t two coons wrestling in an air conduit. It’s someone who does not recognize me. I am sorry, I seem to have forgot my manners. I’m Director Gorden Shyinled, acting head of security for Blackguard.”

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