One down… one to go…

No, I have not forgotten the blog (though it would appear that way). I've busy; very busy. At the beginning of March, my co-workers and I were told that we need to get some certifications for Microsoft's CRM. The goal was to get it done as soon as possible; thus I've been hitting the books... Continue Reading →

End Times: Civilized

It was quiet. Eilen could have said it was as quiet as a crypt. What once was a shelter against the elements of winter became a tomb in the spring. She stepped through the opening where there had once been a pair of heavy steel doors. One door hung to the side, barely held up... Continue Reading →

Dear Leader’s Wall

I have wondered why Dear Leader has been so adamant that he gets his wall. Surely, anybody with a half of a brain knows that a wall will not stop the problem that its proponents claim it will solve. I think I have a working theory. Dear Leader does not care whether or not spending... Continue Reading →

End Times: New Conference

There was much activity as the men entered the conference room. Information drones which were sleeping in perches near the ceiling came to life. Their red beady eyes scanned the room and they took positions and hovered facing the stage. This was not the first time Brien attended a press conference. Those conferences were for... Continue Reading →

End Times: Patriot Amendment of 2076

Section 1:  The United States is a Christian nation.  We hereby declare the religious protections of the first amendment apply only to natural born citizens who accept Jesus Christ as their lord and savior.  Article VI paragraph 3 of the Constitution shall henceforth read. The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the... Continue Reading →

End Times: Golden Parachute

“Welcome to Rhineshire Tower. Good afternoon, Lady Rhineshire. Shall I inform your uncle and the board that you have arrived?” “Yes, you may Echo.” The egg-shaped android took a position next to and slightly behind Luanne as she walked through the sliding crystalline doors and into the marbled lobby of the tower. Normally, one could... Continue Reading →

End Times: Lots of Hot Air

“I assure you, Mr. Martin, it is a standard non-disclosure that we have every sub-contractor sign.” Brien looked up from the video tile, a portable version of a video panel, and at Director Shyinled who smiled at him. Brien responded, “If you don’t mind, Director, I would like to make sure of that myself.” The... Continue Reading →

New house guest

For Christmas, I got my wife one of those Echo Dots from Amazon (and one for myself 😀). After the Christmas chaos died down a bit, I finally took them from their boxes and set them up. Alexa, as she calls herself, is like a house guest just sits around all day listening to our... Continue Reading →

End Times: Pink slip

“I AM WAITING FOR AN ANSWER!” Johnathan ground his teeth together in a vain effort to keep calm as the AI did not wait for an answer. It did not matter, Alfa always had a way of evoking anger in him. As normal for it, Alfa’s avatar occupied a quarter of one of his video... Continue Reading →

End Times: Omega protocol

“Please state the nature of the security emergency.” The deep voice boomed at Johnathan and he could feel his body shake. The sudden jolt shook him so much that he almost fell from his seat. He knew that Luanne gave this AI a distinctive voice. What he did not realize was how distinctive it was.... Continue Reading →

End Times: Annoying Pests

"Commander Marion, can you confirm that Rhineshire Central Security Administration is under a security lockdown?" The information drone hovered before Johnathan waiting for an answer. It interposed itself between him and the doors to the administration office. Johnathan tried to sidestep it but it swung sideways to block him. He cursed at the drone in... Continue Reading →

End Times: All Alone

The makeshift door gave a metallic scream as Eilen pushed it open. Behind it, there was a small ramp that led into darkness. She had not been in this place but Buckley, her uncle, told her that it led to some underground chambers built before the Rage. Despite his warning to the clan that it... Continue Reading →

Your Language is a Tool

Dauvis' Dev Musings

One of the most quintessential questions asked by new (and experienced) developers is “What language is the best?” or “What is the best language to learn?” To that, I give the quintessential cop-out, “It depends.” It is best to view choosing a language the same way a car mechanic would choose a tool to work on a car. A mechanic would not use a sledgehammer to change a car’s oil (you may want to consider another mechanic if he or she does). Instead, the mechanic would use a wrench and a filter wrench.

If a developer must process several text files using regular expressions, C would be a poor choice. Instead, Perl would be a better choice because it has language constructs that make it superior to that application. Unfortunately, there are times when there is no choice. For example, when maintaining legacy software, the developer must use the language…

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Why you should consider brushing up on Boolean algebra

Dauvis' Dev Musings

Recently I was making changes to some code that was at least 10 years old. Being so old, the identity of the “guilty” party (or parties) has long since been lost to the sands of time. I cannot even say that I am not said party. 😁 The code in question looked similar to the following block of code.

if (inventTable.FlagField && custTable.FlagField)

if (!inventTable.FlagField || !custTable.FlagField)

Think about this code for a moment.  I will wait.


What is wrong with the code is that the conditions of the two if statements are logically opposite (see De Morgan’s law). Actually, “wrong” might not be the correct word but it is unnecessarily complex. The block of code can be written as the following.

if (inventTable.FlagField && custTable.FlagField)

In the field of electronics, people use Boolean algebra to design and to simplify electronic…

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Oubliette: An Unexpected Visitor

Jacob stopped. He crouched down behind some brown snow-covered bushes. He watched the small cabin. It was his cabin. Its thatched roof covered the single room that was only big enough for one person; two or three in an emergency but that would require the removal of the bench and makeshift table. Smoke curled from... Continue Reading →

Facebook sucks [Share]

Well, that is not exactly what the following linked article says but I think it is a good two-word summary. Basically, a former Facebook executive speaks out about the role that Facebook and other social media is having on our lives. This phenomenon is not just about America or even how Russia engaged in cyberwarfare... Continue Reading →

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