What is more fun than playing with a cat with a laser pointer? Playing with a toddler with a laser pointer.

Why are balloons so fascinating?

Give young children a balloon, helium optional, they will go crazy with it until the inevitable happens. The first time we exposed the toddler to a balloon, she started crawling after it, smacking, it, and making the excited grunt that she was doing at the time. What is the fascination? All a balloon is a... Continue Reading →

When I got home from work yesterday, my front yard was filled with bicycles. There were a bunch of kids having a water fight in my backyard, most of which were not mine. Can I say my kids joined a biker gang?

My wife was informed that DCS was going to go forward with reunification of the toddler with her biological mother. The reason was that she has been clean for a whole month. Sure, let's ignore that full year before that she wasn't. I am just shaking my head of this stupidity.

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