One down… one to go…

No, I have not forgotten the blog (though it would appear that way). I've busy; very busy. At the beginning of March, my co-workers and I were told that we need to get some certifications for Microsoft's CRM. The goal was to get it done as soon as possible; thus I've been hitting the books... Continue Reading →

New house guest

For Christmas, I got my wife one of those Echo Dots from Amazon (and one for myself 😀). After the Christmas chaos died down a bit, I finally took them from their boxes and set them up. Alexa, as she calls herself, is like a house guest just sits around all day listening to our... Continue Reading →

A Little Black Friday FYI about Walmart

Walmart does like online shopping. So, they are going to hurt their online side to get people into their stores. Not sure how that makes sense... Walmart is raising prices online to increase in-store traffic Walmart is taking a bit of a nontraditional approach to boost sales ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping... Continue Reading →

Happy Turkey Day

Nothing really today... here are some ideas for pranks. 5 Funny iPhone Pranks to Liven Up Thanksgiving As you head over to Thanksgiving gatherings today, you’ll certainly need to have something to pass the time in between turkey and pie. As more of our friends and family members get smartphones, like the iPhone, it’s easier... Continue Reading →

First week with the toddler back with her mother. Take a toddler out of a house, things become a lot quieter.

One of the errands I ran today was to go to a couple of businesses and give them a thank you card from the Cub Scout Pack. I get the distinct impression that when you go to customer service and ask them to give something to the manager, it is usually not a good thing.

The last few weeks have been very busy. So much so, my buffer is gone. 😱 Between work, family, Twitter, the two blogs, and Facebook, I am spread too thin. This does not even consider that I want to start a new blog for my professional stuff (I will not be blogging under my pseudonym... Continue Reading →

Italian Sausage Bolognese [Link]

Healthy or not, this looks really good. Italian Sausage Bolognese This was NOT one of the healthy dishes I made for my mother but rather the first dish when I got home from North Carolina the other night. My family had taken out bulk Italian sausage (a 1/2 sweet and 1/2 hot mixture) so I... Continue Reading →

The plan is in two weeks the toddler will be back with her biological mother. Mixed feelings on this. It is great that her mother has overcome the odds and she is able to get her child back but... well, it sucks for us.

Every Single Cognitive Bias in One Infographic

Science has shown that we tend to make all sorts of mental mistakes, called “cognitive biases”, that can affect both our thinking and actions. These biases can lead to us extrapolating information from the wrong sources, seeking to confirm existing beliefs, or failing to remember events the way they actually happened! Source: Every Single Cognitive... Continue Reading →

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