Little Jonnie: Yappy Dog

Little Jonnie sat at the table. He ate Frosted Snowflakes cereal. Sister ate eggs. She was messy. She kept getting them on her face. Father read the newspaper. He put the paper down. “Jonnie, you are a big boy, you take care of Mic now.” Jonnies face gleamed. Sister rolled her eyes. “Father, Jonnie is... Continue Reading →

The Bird – 8/14/2017

I am going to have to say that this week's recipient of the bird is most likely not be a popular choice and some would argue that I made the wrong choice. It certainly would be a good topic for debate. There were two logical candidates for this week. The first candidate was James Damore,... Continue Reading →

The Bird – 8/7/2017

This week we have two for the price of one. Frankly, I could not honestly come up why one of these was more deserving of the bird than the other. The first recipient is Dana Loesch, a spokesperson for the NRA. Essentially, she and by association, the NRA is going to be gunning for the New... Continue Reading →

Little Jonnie: Private Club

Little Jonnie woke in the morning. He looked out the window. In the lot, next to his house, he saw a large box. He dressed quickly and ran outside without breakfast. He pulled the box to his house. He thought it would make the best fort. Jonnie got craft paints and decorated it. He painted... Continue Reading →

We need you! – Our America Initiative

While the third parties are going about it all wrong (they should be concentrating on local races and building a movement), the fact that the system is rigged against them is morally wrong. There are few reasons why ballot access should be as restrictive as they are. Laws that limit ballot access are there for... Continue Reading →

The Bird – 7/31/2017

Ah, yes. The last bird of the July. This week was a toughy. Of course, there was plenty of reasons to give it to Mr. Trump but alas, he is excluded from consideration. John McCain took the early lead with his vote that would allow the Republicans to take healthcare from millions of Americans while... Continue Reading →

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